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How to get started

We are here to support you! At any moment, feel free to create a support ticket using our support desk here.

Step 1: Sign up for an Admin account
Before using the Managed Guardian Service, an Admin account needs to be created. They will be able to create tenants and invite users to the newly created tenants.
To sign up for an Admin account, navigate to:
Step 2: Admins create tenants
Tenants give flexibility to your MGS-based applications. You can use tenants to offer sandbox/production environments or even build different MGS-based applications for different customers.
Once an Admin account has been approved, you can log in and create new tenants.
Step 3: Admins invite Users to create User Accounts and participate
Once an Admin creates a tenant, they can now invite users to create user accounts that need to participate in the MGS-based application.
Once a user creates their user account, they will need to enter their Hedera Account and Private Key information to finish the setup process.
Note: To create Hedera Account and Private Keys, go to the Hedera portal, and create a Testnet account there.
The first typical user will be a Standard Registry. Standard Registries build policies based on methodologies. To learn more about the Standard Registry user, you can read more here.
Step 4: Users work with the UI or APIs to create policies, submit policy requirements to complete methodologies, and more
This is where the action really begins!
Once you have a Standard Registry user set up, they need to either build their own policy or import one. We have many different guides on how to build and/or import policies. Please read more about policies here.
From there, there are an infinite number of possibilities for what a user does and when. The policies that the Standard Registry publishes dictate the workflow.
Keep in mind that we have provided a simple user interface to use for Proof of Concept purposes. The main usage of the Managed Guardiance Service will come from using the APIs. When you use the APIs with your applications, you can really bring the flexibility of MGS to life!
Feel free to look at the Technical Information section of the documentation for UI and APIs guides and demos.
Note: If you are currently using the open-source Guardian APIs, migrating to Managed Guardian Service is really easy!
Simply change the API URL from what you are currently using (i.e. http://localhost:3002/api/v1/) to