Policy Workflow Step 7

Next, we want to add another step to our policy action. To do this we again go back to the Policy Action itself by clicking on the โ€œinit_installer_stepsโ€ Policy Action icon on the left.

Again we need a Send step since we now have to submit the CSD01, the official IREC Participant Application form, as an official verifiable credential.

Note that compared to the previous โ€œSendโ€ step, the Data Type is now a VC since we are submitting the official form as a verifiable credential but not to Hedera. This form is stored on the Guardian for auditors to review in the trust chain.

Programmatically this workflow step looks like this:

    // Finally save the VC document in the vc-documents DB table.
      "tag": "Submission_of_CSD01_Documentation",
      "blockType": "sendToGuardianBlock",
      "dataType": "vc-documents",
      "entityType": "Installer",
      "uiMetaData": {}
    // After the document has been created; the user can access the document with grids.

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