๐Ÿ’ปBring Your Own (BYO) DIDs UI

1. New Standard Registry Registration

1.1 Hedera Account

Enter Hedera network account with non-0 hbar balance to be used by the system for the Hedera transactions associated with the new Standard Registry userโ€™s DID.

1.2 DID Document

1.2.1 Default DID

When the โ€˜Generate new DID documentโ€™ option is selected, clicking on the Next button would result in Guardian generating a new dedicated DID to be used exclusively in Guardian based on the Hedera account ID entered at the previous step. Such DID would have the following format:



1.2.2 Externally-controlled (custom) DID

Selecting โ€˜Custom DID documentโ€™ option enables the dialogue text window where the externally-generated/controlled DID document can be pasted from the clip-board. The document must contain Ed25519VerificationKey2018 and Bls12381G2Key2020 verification methods to be useable by Guardian.

1.3 Keys

For BYO DID of Standard Registries, in the cases where there are multiple verification methods Standard Registry users are required to specify which one of them is to be used in Guardian, and pass the corresponding private key into Guardian to be used for signatures.

1.4 VC Document

Final step of the registration presents a form, based on the corresponding system schema, for the user to fill out.

2. New User registration

2.1. Select the Standard Registry to be associated with

2.2 User Hedera Account

Specify the existing Hedera account with non-0 hbar balance to be used for submitting transactions associated with this userโ€™s DID.

2.3 DID Document

2.3.1 Default DID

For more details please refer to Section 1.2.1.

2.3.2 Custom DID

For more details, please refer to Section 1.2.2

2.4 Keys

For more details, please refer to section 1.3

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