🔐How to Generate Web3.Storage Key and Proof

For additional information, please visit: https://web3.storage/docs/#quickstart

Step By Step Process

Following are the steps to follow to generate Web3.Storage API values:

  1. Create an account on https://web3.storage, please specify the email you have access to as the account authentication is based on the email validation. Make sure to follow through the registration process to the end, choose an appropriate billing plan for your needs (e.g. 'starter') and enter your payment details.

  1. Install w3cli as described in the corresponding section of the web3.storage documentation.

You'll need Node version 18 or higher, with NPM version 7 or higher to complete the installation

You can check your local versions like this:

node --version && npm --version

Install the @web3-storage/w3cli package with npm

npm install -g @web3-storage/w3cli

3. Create your 'space' as described in the 'Create your first space' section of the documentation.

w3 space create
  1. Execute the following to set the Space you intend on delegating access to:

w3 space use
  1. Execute the following command to retrieve your Agent private key and DID:

npx ucan-key ed

Note: The private key (starting with Mg...) is the value to be used in the environment variable IPFS_STORAGE_KEY.

  1. Retrieve the IPFS_STORAGE_PROOF by executing the following:

w3 delegation create <did_from_ucan-key_command_above> | base64

The output of this command is the value to be used in the environment variable IPFS_STORAGE_PROOF.

To summarize, the process of configuring delegated access to the w3up API consists of execution of the following command sequence:

  1. w3 login

  2. w3 create space

  3. w3 use space

  4. npx ucan-key ed

  5. w3 delegation

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