Policy Workflow Step 23

Then we add another workflow block below the โ€œmint_eventsโ€ block by clicking on the โ€œExternal Dataโ€ button in the top navigation bar which captures the MRV data from the sensors.

We enter the Entity type as MRV and select the Schema from the drop-down as โ€œMRVโ€

Programmatically this workflow step looks like this:

  "children": [
    // Receive the MRV.
      //"externalDataBlock" - receives data from the external source and passes them over the the next block.
      // Each Policy has a policyTag. Data received onto the external API are filtered by the policyTag, and passed on to all externalDataBlock inside the Policy.
      "blockType": "externalDataBlock",
      "tag": "mrv_source",
      "entityType": "MRV",
      // Filter the documents by schema ID. If the document is not related to the given schema it does not get passed further.
      "schema": "c4623dbd-2453-4c12-941f-032792a00727",
      "uiMetaData": {}

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