đŸ’ģTools using UI

1. Managing Tools

Tools page (in the Policies section) provides facilities to manage Tools and create new ones.

1.1 Creating Tools

Tools can be created by clicking on "Create New" button in Tools page as shown below:

1.2 Importing Tools

Tools can be imported by clicking on "Import" button.

Important note on differences between imports of Tools vs. Modules and Policies.

When importing Tools via message IDs:

1. Tool is non-editable when published.

2. A single Tool can only be imported once, if it is already been imported no additional import can take place.

3. Tools are imported as global entities for the Guardian instance, i.e. they are visible to all policy authors.

When Tools are imported as files (using file import) they behave in the same way as Policies and Modules.

1.3 Exporting Tools

Tools can be exported as files, if a Tool has been published its corresponding Hedera messageID can be retrieved.

Tools can be exported by using below highlighted icon:

1.4 Deleting Tools

Tools that have not been published can be deleted.

1.5 Editing Tools

Tools that have not been published can only be edited.

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