⚙️Microsoft Azure Key Vault Setup

  1. Go to your Azure Homepage (Home - Microsoft Azure)

  2. In the search field type App Registration, or follow this link https://portal.azure.com/#view/Microsoft_AAD_RegisteredApps/ApplicationsListBlade

  1. Add a new App and name it, to be able to identify it in the future e.g. “MGS Azure Key Vault”.

  1. Save the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID for future usage.

  1. Go to Certificates & secrets -> Client Secrets.

  1. Click on New client secret, fill in the fields, create, and copy the created secret Value for future usage.

  1. Go back to you Azure home page, click on Create a resource

  1. Search for Key Vault and click Create.

  1. Fill in the required fields and click Review + Create

  1. From the Azure home page go to your newly created keyvault -> Access Configuration and select Vault access policy. Click Apply to save changes.

  1. Click Go to access policies and then click Create

  1. In the Create an access policy dialog, check marks for secret management as bellow, click next

  1. In the Principal dialog find and select you App from step 3 (either by name or by client ID), click next.

  1. On Application (Optional) Dialog click next, And on the Review and Create dialog click Create.

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