๐Ÿ’ปUser Guide

1. Icon & Tooltip :

Added notification icon and also tooltip with count of unread notifications:

2. View :

By clicking on notification button, users can view new notifications or the status of active long-running processes:

3. Marking all the unread notifications as Read :

Unread notifications are automatically marked as โ€˜readโ€™ after viewing, alternatively users can remove the โ€˜unreadโ€™ status from all notifications manually by clicking on โ€œMark all as readโ€.

4. View Details :

Users can see the details of the status or progresses of the recent processes by clicking on โ€œViewโ€/โ€View detailsโ€

5. View All Notifications :

Users can see old notifications by clicking on โ€œโ€View all notificationsโ€. On the notifications status grid, we can perform two operations on the notification: โ€œDelete up to this pointโ€ and โ€œOpenโ€.

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