Setup of a User Account

Setup of a User Account (Standard Registry and Policy Users)

Please check the invite from the Tenant Admin that is in your email inbox. Click the link that says, "To set up your user account, please click here."

Click "Accept" on the Agreement

In this example, we are creating a Standard Registry user account. Click "Standard Registry"

Fill out the user account information and click "Create"

We will now setup the Vault. Click "Next"

For Testnet, we can click "Skip Vault Setup."

if you are using your own MGS Vault for self custody like Hashicorp, you will re-setup the MGS vault configurations instead of "Skip Vault Setup."

Fill out the Hedera Account information and click "Next"

Please remember that when getting your Hedera ID and Private Key from the Hedera Developer Portal, the Managed Guardian Service uses "ED25519" keys. Please ignore "ECDSA" key options.

Additionally, for the Private Key, you will need to use the "DER Encoded" Private Key and not the "HEX Encoded" Private Key

To finish the setup, please fill out the required fields

Your User Account is now setup!

You can now import schemas, policies, etc.

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