💻Tagging using UI


Document objects which can be attached to Schemas Schemas, Policies, Modules, Tokens, DID, VC and VP Documents by any credentialed entity at any time.

1. Structure

1.1 Object

  • uuid – unique tag identifier, tags with the same uuid are considered to be the same

  • name – label visible to the user and the criteria upon which tags are grouped

  • description – optional text field to provide additional information about tags

  • owner – DID of the user who created the tag

  • entity – type of the document to which this tag is attached (Schema, Policy, Token, Module, PolicyDocument)

  • target – link to the document to which the tag is attached (Hedera message ID)

  • localTarget – ID of the document in the local Guardian database

  • status – tag status (Draft, Published, History)

  • operation – current tag action (Create, Delete)

  • topicId – topic ID where the tag information will be published

  • messageId – ID of the message in the topic where the tag is published

  • policyId – Policy ID when the tag is linked to the document inside a policy (optional)

  • uri – uri of the additional document linked to the tag (optional)

  • document – additional document linked to the tag (optional)

1.2 Message

"id": "b8d249e8-ce63-4835-98fc-7ba7dab1df71",
"type": "Tag",
"action": "publish-tag",
"lang": "en-US",
"uuid": "ee95a359-41a4-45f6-bbf9-21559e252a52",
"name": "Label",
"description": "description",
"owner": "did:hedera:testnet:8AvszwobPqq5kHmWWq52cFg3i8wZo9oy8xSY1mBZsfD7_0.0.3916401",
"target": "1680189251.272591003",
"operation": "Create",
"entity": "Schema",
"cid": "bafkreifdxsx5bos2k3vbbupawwf7vbuhwhdscm6qvd2uiozo4aarxsv3g4",
"uri": "ipfs://bafkreifdxsx5bos2k3vbbupawwf7vbuhwhdscm6qvd2uiozo4aarxsv3g4"

2. Managing tags

2.1 Create

Tags can be created by clicking on "Create Tag" button.

An additional document can be added/linked with the tag using Add Document button and then selecting a suitable document schema

2.2 Remove

Users (DIDs) who created a tag are only able to remove it later.

2.3 View

For documents displayed in the grid only the first (alphabetically) tag is shown.

Users can click on the tag icon to show the detailed information about all tag assigned to the document.

Tags are ground by labels. When a label is selected detailed information about all tags with this label is displayed below.

2.4 History

Tags which have been imported with the Policy or Schema are marked as History. These tags are not directly relevant to the new objects and are displayed for the convenience of the the user (policy author). These historic tags are not synchronised and not published when the new objects are published.

2.5 Tag updates (synchronisation)

Any credentialed entity can create/remove a tag on an object at any point of time independently from the Guardian instance where this taggable object (document etc) has been created. This presents a challenge for displaying the up-to-date state of 3rd party tags associated with the object, since continuous search and import/updates of such tags can affect UI responsiveness and general UX. Guardian users can refresh (or ‘pull’) 3rd party tags and update their display in their local Guardian instance by clicking on the corresponding icon (highlighted on the screenshot below).

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