This block is responsible for adding configurations on calculating the amount of tokens to be minted.


Block PropertyDefinitionExample InputStatus


Unique name for the logic block.



Which entity has rights to interact at this part of the workflow.



Shows whether this block is active at this time and whether it needs to be shown.

Checked or unchecked.

On errors

Called if the system error has occurs in the Block

  • No action

  • Retry

  • Go to step

  • Go to tag

Stop Propagation

End processing here, don't pass control to the next block.

Checked or unchecked.

UI Properties

UI PropertyDefinitionExample Input


The token which is affected by the action

GHG Token

Account Type

The value from this field is used as the ID of the account under which the action is performed when โ€˜Account Typeโ€™ is set to โ€˜Custom Account Fieldโ€™.

  • Custom Account Field

  • Custom Account Value


Math expression for calculation of the amount of tokens to mint.

field7 * 100

Account Id (Field)

The value from this field is used as the ID of the account which is used for token transfer action when โ€˜Account Typeโ€™ is set to โ€˜Customโ€™.


Account Id (Value)

Allow users to set custom Hedera account id directly in policy configuration (for token transferring). This field is displayed only when Custom Account Value type.



The value in this filed is used to customize the Memo field name.

"mint date is $ {document.verifiableCredential[0],credentialSubject[0].field5}"


  1. Only fields of โ€˜Hedera Accountโ€™ type can be used for โ€˜accountIdโ€™.

  2. If the field specified in the โ€˜accountIdโ€™ not found in the current document the system will look for it in the parent documents.

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