This block provides a way to specify multiple signators for a single VC document, and then create a VP based on it.

1. Properties

Block PropertyDefinitionExample InputStatus


Unique name for the logic block.



Which entity has rights to interact at this part of the workflow.



Shows whether this block is active at this time and whether it needs to be shown.

Checked or unchecked.

On errors

Called if the system error has occurs in the Block

  • No action

  • Retry

  • Go to step

  • Go to tag

Stop Propagation

End processing here, don't pass control to the next block.

Checked or unchecked.

Threshold (%)

Proportion Of signators which are required to sign the document to achieve quorum for it to transition to โ€˜signedโ€™ status. Must be a number between 0 and 100.


Note: The system assigns โ€˜not signedโ€™ status to the document when 100 โ€“ threshold percentage of users indicated rejection status.

2. Events



This event occurs when the threshold number (quorum) of signatures has been reached.

now-signed target VC document which can then be used for further processing


This event occurs when the threshold number (quorum) of rejections has been achieved

rejected (target) VC document which can be used for further processing

3. Data Format

3.1 POST request

		"id":"โ€ฆ" โ€“ ID of the VC document
	"status":"SIGNED" โ€“ new status, can be SIGNED or DECLINED

3.2 GET request

	blockType: "multiSignBlock"
	status: {
		confirmationStatus: - final status, it is โ€˜nullโ€™ if the quorum is not reached
		data: [
						did โ€“ did and username of the user which took the decision
						status โ€“ the decision of the user, the value space is: SIGNED/DECLINED

Array of the decisions for each user can be as follows:

Type of DecisionDescription


number of users who declined signing the document


percentage of users who declined need signing the document


threshold number of users who need to decline signing the document to reach the final decision


status of the document for the current users, null if the user has not made a selection to sign or decline


number of users who have signed the document


percentage of users who have signed the document


threshold number of users who need to sign the document to reach the final decision


threshold in terms of percentage


total number of users in the signing group

4. Example

4.1 Important Points

4.1.1 multiSignBlock must be used with Groups.

4.1.2 multiSignBlock must be child block of grid block to receive all data it requires to operate.

5. UI

5.1 Signing the document

We have an option of Signing/ Declining the document by clicking on "Sign" or "Decline" button for the document as shown below:

5.2 Threshold Display

Number of users, who have signed or declined the document can be displayed with threshold as shown below:

5.3 Detailed Signature Information

To get detailed information on Signature status, we have an info icon near the threshold as shown below:

5.4 Final Signature Result

To get the final Signature Result with detailed information such as which users have Signed / Declined, we need to hover on the Status as shown below:

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