๐Ÿค–Auto Suggestion

Guardian brings a groundbreaking enhancement to the realm of policy creation through its Auto Suggestion feature. Aimed at simplifying the intricate process of policy development, this feature is a testament to the Guardian's commitment to enhancing usability and fostering wider adoption.

Description of Auto Suggestion Feature

The Auto Suggestion mechanism is a sophisticated tool integrated into the the Guardian platform, specifically within the โ€œSuggestionsโ€ tab under the Policies menu for the Standard Registry (SR) section. It assists users in constructing policies by automatically recommending 'next' blocks or other policy language constructs based on the structure of existing policies. This smart feature draws upon a repository of common practices and wizards' structures to provide suggestions that make logical sense within the context of the policy being developed.

Benefits of Auto Suggestion

  • Simplified Policy Creation: The feature significantly lowers the barrier to creating real-world complexity policies by offering intuitive guidance throughout the policy development process.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By providing relevant suggestions, the mechanism speeds up the policy construction process, allowing users to focus more on strategic aspects rather than getting bogged down by complexities.

  • Improved Policy Quality: With auto-suggestions based on established best practices, the quality of policies is inherently improved, ensuring that they are both comprehensive and robust.

  • User Empowerment: Users, especially those new to policy creation, are empowered with a tool that assists them in navigating through the intricacies of policy language and structure.


The introduction of the Auto Suggestion feature within the Guardian represents a significant leap forward in making policy development more accessible, efficient, and intuitive. This feature not only addresses the challenges associated with the evolving complexity of policy definition language but also ensures that adopting the Guardian in production environments is a smoother, more streamlined process. By enhancing the user experience and improving the quality of policy creation, Auto Suggestion stands out as a pivotal component of the Guardian's suite of tools, further solidifying its role in advancing environmental sustainability initiatives.

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