đŸŒŗCarbon Offsets

Verra Redd+ VM0007 Policy GuideVerra VM0017 REDD+ MethodologyVerra VM0042 REDD+ MethodologyVerra Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation (ARR) v0.1Gold Standard Afforestation and Reforestation (AR) v2.0Carbon Reduction Measurement - GHG Corporate Standard Policy GuideDovu Methodologies (Agre Calc & Cool Farm)Improved CookstoveGoldStandard - Metered Energy CookingCDM AMS-II.G.: Energy Efficiency Measures in Thermal Applications of Non-Renewable BiomassCDM AMS-III.AR: Carbon Development MechanismCDM AMS-III.D.: Methane Recovery in Animal Manure Management SystemsCDM AMS III.BB: Electrification of Communities Through Grid ExtensionCDM AR-ACM0003: Methodology for Afforestation and Reforestation of Lands Except WetlandsCDM ACM0001: Flaring or Use of Landfill GasCDM ACM0002: Grid-Connected Electricity Generation from Renewable SourcesCDM ACM0006: Electricity and Heat Generation from BiomassCDM ACM0007: Conversion from Single Cycle to Combined Cycle Power GenerationCDM ACM0018: Electricity Generation from Biomass in Power-Only PlantsCDM AMS-I.A.: Electricity Generation by the UserCDM AMS-I.C.: Thermal Energy Production with or Without ElectricityCDM AMS-I.F.: Renewable Electricity Generation for Captive Use and Mini-GridCDM AMS-II.J.: Demand-Side Activities for Efficient Lighting TechnologiesCDM AMS-III.AV.: Low Greenhouse Gas Emitting Safe Drinking Water Production SystemsCDM AMS-III.F.: Avoidance of Methane Emissions Through CompostingCDM AMS-III.H.: Methane Recovery in Wastewater TreatmentPWRM0001 Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.1Verra VM0041AMS-I.D: Grid Connected Renewable Electricity Generation – v.18.0

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