April 2024

We're excited to announce MGS Beta v6. This includes several new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and provide more options and flexibility for managing your operations.


1. Filebase Support Added

In our continuous effort to expand and improve the IPFS solutions available in MGS, we have now added Filebase as an additional option. This integration allows users to choose Filebase for their IPFS needs, alongside the existing options. With Filebase support, users can leverage its unique features and benefits as part of their workflow in MGS.

Understanding the importance of effective communication, especially during downtimes, we have introduced a new notification system for all users. This feature is designed to inform users about any planned or unexpected downtime promptly. Here's what makes the downtime notification system stand out:

  • Location and Visibility: The notification is prominently displayed at the top of the screen when enabled, ensuring maximum visibility.

  • Interactivity: Users can dismiss the notification with a simple click of the [X] button. Once closed, it will not reappear until a new message is issued.

3. Enhanced Final User Profile Setup Wizard Descriptions

To make the setup process as smooth and understandable as possible, we have added helpful descriptions to each step of the Final Setup wizard. These descriptions are designed to provide users with clear information about what is required at each step, ensuring that both Standard Registry and Default User roles can be configured with ease and confidence.

4. Update to Guardian v2.22

Beta v6 includes Guardian version 2.22, bringing all the latest improvements and fixes from the Guardian platform into MGS.

For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit: https://github.com/hashgraph/guardian/releases

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