January 2023

The Beta v2 Release includes new features such as improved tenant and user management, full asset lifecycles such as asset retirement, and much more.


Below is a list of improvements that are included in the Managed Guardian Service Beta v2

  • Upgrade to core open-source Guardian v2.8 (Retirement process for assets, Matched Assets, 3rd Party Content Providers, Modular Benefit Projects, and LedgerWorks Eco Explorer Implementation)

  • Adding 2 DOVU CRU methodologies to the preloaded policies (Agrecalc and Cool Farm)

  • Extend the POST/tenants/invite endpoint with the ability to return the inviteId in response

  • Updated Swagger Documentation for Beta V2

  • Enable Admins to manage users

  • Improved Internal Alerts

  • Enhanced Autoscaling for performance loading

  • Bug fixes

This will only cover what is new and improved with the Managed Guardian Service. For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit: https://github.com/hashgraph/guardian/releases

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