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Methodology Breakdown

A set of regulations or instructions that specify how carbon offset projects are created, validated, confirmed, and tracked are referred to as policies in the Guardian. These regulations aid in ensuring that carbon offsets are legitimate, quantifiable, and capable of reducing or eliminating actual emissions.
The Guardian platform offers a framework for developing and overseeing carbon offset projects in accordance with a number of widely accepted international norms, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard. For various carbon offset project types, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, forestry, or agriculture, these standards provide specific requirements.
The Guardian platform's policies are made to be flexible and adaptable to the particular requirements and objectives of each carbon offset project. They cover a variety of options and conditions, such as project parameters, baseline emissions, additionality standards, monitoring techniques, and reporting needs.
Project developers can make sure that their carbon offset projects adhere to the highest standards of reliability and quality by establishing policies within the Guardian platform. Involved parties, investors, and buyers of carbon offsets who want to make sure that their investments contribute to actual and significant emissions reductions or removals can also receive transparency and accountability from them.
Watch the videos in this youtube playlist to learn how to breakdown methodologies and create policies for the Guardian: