✨Beta v6 Features

Managed Guardian Service has all of the core features included in the open-source Guardian v2.22, but with some special cloud-driven features.

Use the UI or APIs to create your own digital methodologies

Policies are one of the most important concepts to understand in the Guardian. We recommend that you take a moment and watch the video about Policies in the "Important Concepts." The Policy Workflow Engine defines and validates all requirements for methodologies. We give you the option to create them using the UI and also APIs. Make sure to read our guides below for a deeper understanding.

Can't create a policy? Use one that we have already preloaded for you!

There's nothing worse than wanting to jump into the action, but not having all of the tools! The open-source Guardian community is ever growing and so is the collection of tested policies. As more become available, we'll add them to the list of preloaded policies for you to quickly drop them in.


Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each environment is called a tenant. During the beta phase, we will allow up to 3 tenants per each Tenant Admin account. Additionally, you will also be able to select which Hedera network you'd like to point your tenant to the Hedera Mainnet, Testnet, and Previewnet. Let your imagination run wild on how you will use this feature. They can serve your customers, act as sandbox/production environments, or even offer different use case designs. We look forward to hearing everyone's feedback on this!

Flexible Data Storage with IPFS Storage Providers

The Managed Guardian Service (MGS) enhances its data storage capabilities through integration with various IPFS Storage Providers, ensuring that organizations and individuals have access to a decentralized and secure method for managing their digital assets and environmental data. This approach not only bolsters data integrity and accessibility but also aligns with the decentralized ethos of blockchain technologies, offering a robust solution for the storage of sensitive information across a distributed network.

Integrate with your system

The Managed Guardian Service is a hosted environment where we provide you with resources, tools, and support. Once registered for the Managed Guardian Service, users will be given two options to get started. One option is to use a simple user interface to develop policies and run proof of concepts quickly. The other option is APIs for a fully customizable application experience.

Secure self-custody with the MGS Vault

The Managed Guardian Service Vault is designed to benefit organizations and individuals looking to securely store their user account secrets, such as private keys. The Vault solution leverages the open-source version of Hashicorp Vault and is intended to be used with the Managed Guardian Service. Keep in mind, that MGS has on it's roadmap, integrations with many other popular vaults, so requests are welcome. Once registered for the Managed Guardian Service, users will need to configure their profiles. They may choose to bring their own compatible vault or use the MGS vault solution we deployed across all major cloud provider Marketplaces. Examples of those marketplaces include the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, and AWS Marketplace.

Get access to our support desk

The monitoring and alerting system is the backbone of our service. It allows us to detect any issues before they manifest themselves to users and enables us to take timely action. MGS is widely covered by monitoring and alerts to allow us to react, prevent, and analyze any issues that can happen. However, In the event that technical support is needed, the MGS team has a help desk with SLAs to address needs.

Feel free to submit a ticket for any technical or non-technical needs at https://guardianservice.io/support/

Want to get technical?

Read our full technical blog to learn about all of the special cloud-based features we packed into the Managed Guardian Service here.

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