January 2024

This Beta v4 release bring a new UI, new features, introduction of AI, and more!


  • Revolutionized User Interface: Navigate with ease and enjoy a more intuitive experience.

  • Custom Tenant Branding: Tailor every one of your tenant spaces with unique branding elements for a personalized touch.

  • Enhanced Standard Registry Attributes: Dive into a more comprehensive and detailed asset management journey.

  • MGS Vault Additions: Secure your data with integration options including Azure Key Vault and GCP Secret Manager. Learn more about MGS Vault configurations here.

  • Core Guardian Upgrade to v2.20: Experience the pinnacle of our foundational technology, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

  • AI-Powered Search Capabilities: Navigate through data with unprecedented ease and intelligence.

For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit: https://github.com/hashgraph/guardian/releases

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