July 2024

We are excited to introduce MGS Beta V8, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your experience and provide greater flexibility in managing your operations.


Improve the UI/UX for OpenSource Policy Import Function

We have added a cleaner and more intuitive way to search for open-sourced policies directly within MGS, making it easier to find and import the policies you need.

Expose APIs for User Setup Flow

To improve integration capabilities, we've exposed public APIs for user creation functionalities (e.g., Standard Registry and Policy Users). This allows customers to seamlessly integrate MGS into their existing systems, managing user setup processes including IPFS storage providers and vault selections through their own interfaces.

Policy Lifecycle Management

Addressing performance inefficiencies, we've optimized the policy service to handle policy states more effectively. By managing obsolete policies post-Hedera testnet reset, we've reduced unnecessary load and SaaS infrastructure costs. Users can now better manage their policy data, minimizing potential data loss and improving overall satisfaction.


Update MGS to Guardian v2.24

In our commitment to staying current with technological advances, MGS has been updated to open-source Guardian version 2.24. This update brings all the latest features and improvements from the Guardian platform into MGS.

Beta V8 includes Guardian version 2.24, incorporating the latest improvements and fixes from the Guardian platform to enhance the overall functionality and reliability of MGS.

For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit: https://github.com/hashgraph/guardian/releases

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