May 2023

Introducing MGS Beta v3.1 - delivering enhanced tenant logs, a faster Guardian experience, Guardian v2.12, and more pre-loaded policies!


  • Tenant Logs

    • Tenant Admins can now access comprehensive logs specific to their tenant activity.

  • Guardian v2.12 Upgrade

    • Improved minting speed due to new batching process.

    • Enhanced error handling for smoother operation.

    • Improved memory performance for faster processing.

    • Artifact tagging for easier identification and handling.

    • Enhanced policy configurator now offers customizable "themes".

    • Overall, expect a quicker user experience.

  • More Pre-loaded Policies

    • Addition of more pre-loaded policies for a more comprehensive policy creator experience.

This will only cover what is new and improved with the Managed Guardian Service. For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit:

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