May 2024

We're thrilled to introduce MGS Beta v7, featuring significant updates and enhancements to optimize your experience and increase the flexibility for managing your operations.


  1. Fix for IPFS Resolution Issue When using the MGS hosted IPFS storage provider option; we've resolved the "IPFS not resolved" error, enhancing the stability and reliability of our IPFS integrations.

  2. Enhancements in Policy Import Process Addressing performance issues, we've fixed a critical bug in the circuit traversal loop during policy comparisons, significantly reducing processing times and CPU utilization. Additional optimizations have also been made to improve memory usage.

  3. MGS Vault Integration for BYOD Key To further secure and customize your experience, we've integrated MGS Vault to support Bring Your Own DID (BYOD) Key, allowing for enhanced security and personalization within the MGS framework.

  4. User Interface Improvements This version rolls out several UI enhancements designed to improve interaction and usability across the MGS platform.

  5. Update to Guardian v2.23 Continuing our commitment to staying current with the latest technological advances, MGS has been updated to Guardian core version 2.23, incorporating all the new features and improvements.

Beta v7 includes Guardian version 2.23, bringing all the latest improvements and fixes from the Guardian platform into MGS.

For the full changelog and release notes on the open-source Guardian please visit:

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